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Use Your Past, in the Present to Predict Your Future!

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“Past is experience, Present is experiment and Future is expectation. Use your experience in your experiments to achieve your expectations. ” – Unknown

Take a moment and think about your past. Have you made mistakes? Have you been disappointed? Have you failed? OF COURSE YOU HAVE…WE ALL HAVE..The important part to note is if you grew and learned from the experience. Did you learn or did you use it as an excuse to not grow and become better. What about your accomplishments in the past. Did you learn from them, or did you use them as an excuse to not work harder, to get even more accomplishments. Whatever your experience in the past may be. It’s important that it does not fizzle out and die in the past…You must carry it into the present, to help dictate your FUTURE.

The Present is an experiment. It’s your change to test out different methods, ideas, and theories to help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait on time, and don’t wait on anyone else to get you to your desired goals. Take advantage of today, and crate the future you desire.

If you build from the PAST, and use it to build toward your goals in the PRESENT it will be obvious to you what to expect in the FUTURE. Don’t let any experience go to waste, challenge yourself to build and learn from each days trials, tribulations, accomplishments, highs, and lows and you will be able to create the FUTURE you DESIRE AND DESERVE.

Be GREAT at what you do today!

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Valentine’s Gift Idea 2011: The Old One to The Present Day

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Hundred years ago Dydd Santes Dwyndwen made himself as a patron saint of Welsh lovers. Now, his self-sacrifice is commemorated on every 25 January in Welsh to celebrate love. This is one little story that is not extensively publicized in the world yet containing a very similar story background and achievement (well, if you say that sacrificing yourself as a saint for the name of love and make it to be celebrated in the whole world is an achievement) with the very popular Love-celebrated day: Saint Valentine’s Day. This very special moment which commonly known as Valentine’s Day or shortened to Val’s Day by the teenagers is also a day when people (almost) all over the world commemorate to celebrate love. It will be a long story and history to retell the whole sequence of events of how the date on 14 February becomes undeniably acknowledged by most of the world population. Yet, the point is clear: love is in absolutely in the air and hanging around there on 14 February, and it is time to celebrate the moment.

Many people say that Valentine’s Day will be the best moment for anyone to express love. This is perhaps why lots of people try their best to find ways to express their love. Most of the time, since centuries ago, people use things like roses and cards to express their love. But now, we are living on the very early on 2011 and expecting Valentine’s Day to come. Roses and cards are still popular, but what valentine’s gift idea 2011 to be presented to the beloved ones? Below are some miscellaneous you can choose to express how you love your beloved ones.

First valentine’s gift idea 2011 – you can give to your beloved is kindle. Yes, a kindle will be a great present this year. It is now a highly technological era that everybody needs a touch of advancement to their daily life. Giving kindle will help your beloved to read any books he or she wants to read every where with an abundant choice of books. Just imagine it! A kindle will save more or less 3,500 books! Just in a small box named kindle. Then, you can give watch as you second option. This is an everlasting choice for a present. Watch is no longer used for its practicality to tell you the time but also for fashion. Different style of watch will bring you different atmosphere of style. Now, there are even more watch model that you can choose for your beloved ones. Or you can have the very common valentine’s gift idea 2011: chocolate. If song is a universal language, chocolate is a universal expression of love. Shapes of chocolates with various toppings wrapped in beautiful boxes are always become the very popular Valentine’s Day gift throughout the year almost in every part of the world. Another valentine’s gift idea 2011 is flower. Similar with chocolate, flower is also a universal language to express love. Even though there are different meanings for different flowers, whenever it is given with all of the heart sincerely, flower will always mean love.

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Public Speaking: Gearing Your Presentation Toward a Technical Audience

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When you are called on to present a technical training program, members of your audience are going to be very different from a typical public speaking audience. They are going to expect to hear information they can use immediately and learn skills that will enhance their on-the-job performance. They will be thinking of the time they spend listening to you as a learning investment. They’ll want your delivery to be concise and on time, accompanied with detailed handouts they can use later as a reference.

What do they know and what do they need to know? One of the most important things you can do when preparing to speak to a technical audience is to find out what they already know about the subject and what they need to know in order to come up to speed. Ask about their level of knowledge and understanding on the topic. What problems do they have? What do they need to learn? How are they going to use the information you present to them?

Make good use of their time. You must also be mindful of the time allotted for your public speaking presentation. A one-to-three hour session is ideal. Quite often, members of a technical audience have been pulled off the job to participate in training and co-workers are covering for them. You can make good use of their time by narrowing your subject, packing lots of useful information into a short period, offering practical applications and speaking from their perspective.

Invite them to participate. Most people learn best by doing. You can tell them what to do and show them what to do, but until they try it themselves, they won’t own it. Inviting your audience to participate increases their learning, holds their attention, reinforces your points and opens the floor for sharing new information. One way to involve people early in your public speaking program is to open with introductions where members of the audience share their goals, concerns and needs. This also helps audience members know who is in the room with them. An added benefit of having individuals introduce themselves is that you gain a stronger sense of what they expect from your public speaking presentation. You can also use their comments when you state your training objectives to show how the content of your program is directly related to their goals and needs. Be sure to consider the size of your audience when deciding if introductions are appropriate, given the time constraints.

Give them specific “how-to” information. Keep in mind that the people in your audience are trainees, in effect. Their managers are going to expect to see measurable changes in their behavior and improvements in their level of productivity. There is an expectation that your training will expand their abilities and practical skills. Provide members of your audience with specific information and support materials to help them learn the new skills. In addition, build in opportunities for them to practice and apply those skills in the learning environment.

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Choose The Best Presents, Choose Gourmet Gifts

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Once in our life, there comes a time when we have to buy or give a present for those who are dear to us for a special occasion. Most of the time our problem comes in when we don’t have any idea what to give them that they will surely appreciate. There are many factors to consider what to buy or make for them especially if we want to give only the best possible gift we can think of. For one, we need to know whether or not our gift suits the recipient’s personality. We also have to bear in mind the packaging of the gift since we always want it to be lovely and unique. And though we all want our gifts to be extra special, we also need to take into account the price if it is reasonable or not. Well, I have here the perfect gift idea that would fit anyone’s taste no matter what his or her personality is and will surely fit in your budget.

Gourmet Gifts. What is the first thing that comes into your mind every time you hear gourmet gifts? Is it an edible, luscious and mouth-watering present wrapped in a fancy and elegant box or gift wrapper? Is it an expensive, rare and extra ordinary goodies? Well, gourmet gifts are normally baskets that contain a variety of food like exotic fruits, canned foods, jams and jellies, crackers, tea and also often includes quality wine and cheese. One great thing about giving it as a present is that it can be personalized to suit the recipient’s dietary restrictions especially if they are gluten intolerant or diabetic and if they are vegan or vegetarian.

Another advantage of gourmet gifts is its availability and affordability. It can be easily purchased all over the internet for a reasonable price. There are many variations of gift baskets offered all over the world-wide web that you can choose from. The price range is also wide so be sure the pick the one that would best be for your advantage and liking. One advice I can give you is to take advantage of “Of The Month Offers” like cheese of the month and such because you can save money that way. You are rest assured as well that they are hand-picked and well-chosen by the trusted gourmet experts and connoisseurs. Also, by choosing to give such gifts, you need not to worry about how your present would look like since they are always delivered in a way that it looks delicious as it tastes.

With that said, I hope I had given you a perfect gift idea that you can give your loved ones and friends anytime, be it in an occasion or just by simply showing love, care and appreciation. As I always say, your gift’s worth is not measured by how much it costs or how lovely it looks like but it is measured by the sincerity and thoughtfulness you have for the recipient every time you give a gift.

David Bennet is a young businessman who loves to surf the web for things he can buy online. Most of the things he looks for are Gourmet Gifts which he gives to loved ones and friends to show appreciation and his love for them.

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The Idea Of Giving Presents And Its Evolution

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The tradition of gift giving may be traced back to the ancient times. Today, there is no disputing that big businesses immensely profit from it especially during the long holiday season and Valentine’s Day and where giving gifts is at its peak. It is also the season where employers and almost everyone else is extra generous and tolerant and expectant to receive gifts.

All year-round, we are surrounded by special events such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings, job promotions, retirements, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving and the 365 days of the calendar year for gift giving as it does not choose an occasion or a reason. The origin of gift giving depends on every country, religion, ethnicity and personal belief. However, today it is largely becoming an influence or pressure especially from the media, in behalf of the general public.

How did gift giving start and who started it? How did such occasions found their way to human activities? The culture or tradition of gift giving during Christmas was heralded during the birth of our Savior Jesus and majority of the people are inspired by it thus it gave birth to the idea of giving presents during Christmas. Giving presents is a voluntary choice however it has been deeply imbibed into our culture thus a vast majority have accepted and cherished it as an expression of kindness and of sharing blessings. The Christian world on the other hand, has justified such practice biblically when the three kings presented Jesus with gifts.

Giving gifts during Valentine’s Day on the other hand started in as simple as the offering or singing of a love song by a boy to a girl, Valentine greetings and verses. As it evolved, commercially manufactured valentine cards became popular and handmade were replaced by more well-crafted and refined machine-made cards with the discovery of paper. Handmade cards thus became rare and more expensive. It was not until the 19th century that valentine greeting cards gave birth to what is known today as Hallmark, the leader in greeting cards. Hallmark produces cards for various occasions with varying themes from romantic to humorous and even showcases some antique valentine cards in its stores.

Baptism and wedding gifts on the other hand are given to welcome infants and newly-weds into another chapter of their lives: the baby being borne into a whole new world filled with discovery, the newly-weds who will be embarking a journey to married life.
Giving presents have come face to face with commercialism and the new message is to buy, buoyed by merchants who benefit especially during the month-long Christmas shopping binge and fueled by the media.

Stop the emphasis on commercialism, buying, shopping and getting the best and expensive gifts as simple gifts from a crystal company gives more happiness and contentment, especially to those who can afford very little but know how to appreciate real bigtime. Make sure to buy crystal ball only from reputable suppliers and change the modern consumer culture that exists in the world today.

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Presentation Software – PowerPoint For Beginners

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MS PowerPoint is intuitive and fairly very easy to utilize but you need to be mindful of some of the more intermediate to sophisticated features to make eye-catching PowerPoint presentations.

Having the ability to create stimulating graphic presentations are very important for students, lecturers, salesmen, attorneys, entrepreneurs, as well as anyone else who needs to show a clearly outlined set of concepts. The presentation software PowerPoint makes it simple to transform dull business enterprise plans into exciting and very easy to follow graphs as well as slides.

The presentation program MS PowerPoint is simply a digital tool which helps you to create customized slide shows on your laptop or personal computer. With a mouse click you could move from one slide to another quickly or come up with a self-playing slide show which you can e-mail to anyone you like. You can add graphics as well as photos as well as customized animation sequences and music or speech. The text manager is extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated and you can add personalized typefaces as well as fonts so you can get the appearance and feel which is exactly perfect for your customized slide show. If your PowerPoint presentation is about the Wild West as an example, you may want to apply certain antique or traditional western looking fonts. In case your topic is Art Deco, you could easily locate a font or typeface such as Broadway which looks like it came right from the 1920s.

The presentation software PowerPoint will go together with other excellent software program products like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You can make customized photo images and collages in Adobe Photoshop and save them as lower resolution tiff files or jpeg data files and easily import them into your MS PowerPoint presentation template. Exactly the same thing goes for digital art that you make in Illustrator or Corel Draw. With a few quick commands you can import these elements into your customized PowerPoint presentation and make it look even more extraordinary.

The whole point of the presentation application MS PowerPoint will be to allow common people with absolutely no visual arts training to create aesthetically pleasing presentations. Among the most typical functions of MS PowerPoint presentations is for use in start up business proposals. When a corporation would like to secure a new enterprise deal they are going to normally set up a custom MS PowerPoint show that they could project by using a custom projector. Even some digital cameras nowadays have integrated projectors that you can use to show slide shows.

Custom animations are standard elements of the presentation program MS PowerPoint and are very easy to make use of as well as manipulate. You need to go through the tutorial that comes with the program or browse the easy guide but after you have done that it should be very easy to add animated elements. These animated graphics are unique as well as fun and can include flying objects that come in from each side, type that appears or fades in, and many other effects. Experiment a while and you will find out how fun the software can be.

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Present Ideas for Infants

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The the big question for people who are going to a friend’s baby shower is, “What the heck do I buy for an infant?” Perhaps you want to find them something fun or maybe educational. Whatever the path, this article will give you some great insight on presents.

When choosing gifts for infants it is necessary to keep in mind of where that little one is in relation to their growth. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch is all brand new to them. It is these senses that are everything to that newborn child and their toys need to interact with these them appropriately.

The first of the senses is hearing. While it might be cool to us, getting them a stuffed animal with a per-recorded message of a Megadeath song may be a tad much on their little ears. It’s all new and so loud for them. There are recommendations of soft melodic tunes or recordings of calm voices talking to the baby. Whatever you decide, keep in mind their ears are sensitive and the baby needs to be comforted right now, not a party!

In the same way, their eyes are new. They just opened them for the first time recently and the shapes are forming and colors are showing up but the contrast is still difficult. In the case of the newborn, get them toys with sharply contrasting colors like black and white. They still have a hard time differentiating some of the colors. It would make it less fun for their new eyes when it just looks like a blur of color. Try a Zebra of sharp black and white photos.

Smell and taste are tough ones. They can smell and taste, as it represented in them experiencing everything by putting it in their mouths. I don’t know of any toys that are specific for taste and smell for the infant. Perhaps there are some specialty products but I am unaware of them. And of course, look for stuffed animals that do not have googly eyes that can come off or get dolls without buttons.

Lastly, touch is again a new experience. Do not get products with pointed anything. Those little hands are precious. Look for rattles that are completely smooth. Some cheaper manufacturers have plastic that was not smoothed out as well so there are little nicks that could scrape the baby’s skin. Nothing that will seriously hurt the kid but why risk another cry session from a bit of new pain?

Good luck finding the right toy and always look at the manufacturers suggestion of age requirements.

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Get Over Yourself – Live In The Present Moment

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This past weekend I was at a retreat where the participants were, in my view, smarter and more talented, prettier, younger, hipper more in the know, i.e. just generally better than I am. Upon returning home I found myself tangled up in something I am calling, “I’m-ing” as in “I’m too fat to wear those jeans” or “I’m lousy at making pancakes”.
As it happens this is very inauthentic. It is also annoying. Oh and by the way, it sends a message to the universe that you don’t think very highly or yourself and because of your message you will get more of the same.

What I discovered was this:I had to get over myself and quit the whining.
I also took a look at what was going on.

Staying stuck in an “I’m” is a way of avoiding life. It offers the I’m-er a way of excusing not being a participant in creating one’s own destiny. “I’ming” is for victims of life’s ups and downs. So if you are ready to give it up…here’s some typical “I’ms” and the juice they give you.

Being stuck in an “I’m” frequently means you are not living in the present moment, rather you are allowing your itty bitty sh*tty committee to take over and bring you down.

Five Typical “I’ms” and what they do to keep you stuck

1. “I’m not too good at…”fill in the blank” math, spelling, reading,languages. Here you label yourself inept and you have a built in reason for avoiding tackling something difficult.

2. “I’m lousy at some skill such as cooking, sports, drawing, acting.” The translation here is, “well it’s just my nature.” This reinforces and justifies inertia. This one says that if you can’t be an Olympic champion, have a work of art that hangs in the Louvre or win an Oscar for your acting prowess then, why bother?

3. “I’m shy, temperamental, nervous, afraid…” This is very good. It is a behavior we got labelled with probably in childhood and so, as adults have decided to stay with the storyline to avoid being assertive or live up to our true potentials.
With this “I’m” as your definer you can excuse all kinds of self-limiting ways of being since they are out of your control.

4.”I’m clumsy, uncoordinated….” This “I’m” is a way of avoiding potential ridicule. It stops us before we get started. There is no way to try any kind of physical endeavor. Once a client told me she hated exercise because she was clumsy as a child, her mother said so and it became her life’s storyline.

5. “I’m disorganized, overly neat, perfectionistic, irresponsible, forgetful…” Especially useful when you want to justify some ineffective behavior. This defeatist way of being helps you to avoid life.

So how do you get over yourself?
First bring yourself to the present moment.
Here’s how
Take 3 slow, deep breaths through your NOSE and pay attention to where you are right here right now.
You may notice that you relax when you breathe that way
Become present to the number of times during the day you think or say out loud “I’m this or that…”
In that moment take your three deep breaths through the nose, reframe and begin again with a positive message.
I am so grateful for… might be a good place to start.

Write yourself a weekly affirmation and post it where you will remember to say it aloud often.
The bathroom mirror and in the kitchen are two good places along with your PDA and computer desktop. An affirmation can be a simple yet powerful way of breaking the “I’m” habit and getting over yourself.
Here’s one to get you started, “I deserve to be (fill in the blank, wealthy, happy,fulfilled) and say it each day, several times a day with joy and gusto.

Now go ahead, get over yourself and get on with it.

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Three Ways to Present From the Heart

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In the movie the Wedding Crashers, the Rachel McAdams character, as maid of honor, had to give a wedding toast. She ran it by The Owen Wilson character. He suggested if she went forward with what she just said, she would “hear crickets” in other words, flop. She ignores his advice and presents the toast her way. There’s an awkward silence. In a panic, she looks at Owen Wilson. He saves her by pointing to his chest- suggesting she speak from her heart. It works.

I like that because I feel the more in touch with your heart you can get, the more effective you’ll present. The following three approaches will get you nearer to your essence and farther away from glossophobia. What’s glossophobia? Why, fear of public speaking, of course. An affliction that an estimated 75% of us share.

Statistics- Statistics work as supporters. For example, I used the 75% number in the previous paragraph. I saw that stat in five internet searches I did. It makes me feel comfortable with my statement by giving it depth. And when you speak with depth the closer to your heart you find yourself.

The best part is that statistics are all over the internet. That makes them easy to gather. Make sure they stem from credible sources, though. Make sure they feel right.

Stories- Let me tell you one that has stayed with me. When I worked in the corporate world, my staff and I went through a conflict management seminar.

The Monday after completion, one of my supervisors came to me with an issue. Two employees in her department were having trouble with each other. She asked me for advice on how to handle it.

Now, remember, she had just been through the very course that provided her the methods to handle just this type of situation! However, for whatever reason, she didn’t make the connection.

When I reminded her of the session, I could see the flickering of connecting synapses. My curiosity nudged at me until I asked her why she didn’t initially think to use the material she had learned the week prior. She thought a moment and shrugged.

If the idea of that story was on a power point slide presented to managers, it may have looked like this:

How to Mentor Your Staff :

- Discover what they need
- Ask probing questions
- Use your knowledge to assist your staff

Comments around that may include droning on in generalities about having meetings or asking them about their issues. That may be safe but would it be effective? Which packs more punch? Which will your audience retain? Which would you feel comfortable presenting? The story, I suspect.

Plus as a hard working, diligent manager, wouldn’t hearing that exchange make you more aware of your role in mentoring your staff through the all important people issues? And that’s the crux of the piece. So, rummage through your life for stories that fit your point. Tailor them to your audience. Use them.

Samples (or examples)- These serve you like statistics without the numbers. They support your points, amplify your ideas and clarify your notions.

So, if I say that members of Generation Y prefer texting, instant messaging or email to speaking my example might be- In fact, my boomer friend says his most used text message to his Generation Y progeny is CALL DAD!

So, next time you’re up, speak from your heart with the 3 S’s- Statistics, Stories and Samples. Make you entire talk nothing but that. If you do, you won’t hear crickets, you’ll hear applause.

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Ideas For Fathers Day Presents

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If you’re like many people, the thought of buying your Dad a gift for Father’s Day is a bit overwhelming. There are many different kinds of dads. There is the dad who has everything already, what do you get for someone like that? Then there’s the dad who says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day and doesn’t give you any hints about what to buy. In both cases, a personalized, one of a kind photo collage jigsaw puzzle would fit the bill. The reason these gifts are so popular is that they are sentimental, can be displayed and are different from the normal Father’s Day presents usually given.

To start, look through old photos of your dad, and you with your dad when you were growing up. You may even want to include some family photos if you have siblings and a mother in the picture as well. Whatever you think your dad would like the most in his collage. The average photo collage puzzle works best with between 10 and 20 photos but this can vary depending on the size of puzzle you choose and any other options you request. It is recommended you send copies of the photos rather than the originals. Better still, email digital scans of the photos if you have these.

The photo collage puzzle designer will make a collage using the photos you sent. The finished design will then be emailed to you for approval after which it is made into a puzzle and shipped to you in a box. It will be a traditional jigsaw puzzle, containing however many pieces you specified when you placed your order. A word to the wise – unless your Dad is a puzzle expert steer clear from the 1500-pc puzzles as they are the most difficult. Your father doesn’t get to see the finished project until the puzzle is put together, making it much like two gifts in one.

In addition to a customized gift like a photo jigsaw puzzle, other Father’s Day presents could include a gift card to his favorite store, a trip to his favorite restaurant or even tickets to his favorite sporting event. If you want to stay traditional and present your Dad with something useful along with his collage jigsaw puzzle, you can’t go wrong with a sweater, tie or bottle of his favorite aftershave. While these Fathers Day presents may seem cliché they are popular for a reason, because these are things many dads actually use.

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