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How To Conjugate Present Tense Spanish Verbs Ending In -AR

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In this lesson we will cover how to conjugate present tense Spanish verbs ending in – AR. All verbs have two components: the stem and the ending. In order to conjugate a regular verb, we only need to modify the ending (several irregular verbs also change their stem). Regular verbs ending in -AR follow a simple pattern. You need to drop the -AR ending and add the appropriate present tense ending according to the pronoun you want to use. Here is the ending for each pronoun, please take the time to memorize them.

Pronoun in Spanish Present tense ending Pronoun in English

yo -o I
tú -as you
él/ella -a he/she
usted -a you (formal)
nosotros/nosotras -amos we (masculine or feminine)
ustedes -an you (plural)
ellos/ellas -an they (masculine or feminine)

Now take a look at the following conjugations of the verbs amar (to love) and viajar (to travel); the present tense endings are emphasized in bold so you can identify them with their respective pronoun. These endings are always the same for all verbs as long as the verb is a regular verb and has the -AR ending.

amar – to love
yo amo – I love
tú amas – you love
él/ella ama – he/she loves
usted ama – you love (formal)
nosotros amamos – we love
ustedes aman – you love (plural)
ellos/ellas aman – they love (masculine or feminine)

viajar – to travel
yo viajo – I travel
tú viajas – you travel
él/ella viaja – he/she travels
usted viaja – you travel (formal)
nosotros viajamos – we travel
ustedes viajan – you travel (plural)
ellos/ellas viajan – they travel (masculine or feminine)

There are many verbs that have -AR endings, such as caminar (to walk), estudiar (to study), and trabajar (to work). Try to conjugate these verbs in the present tense for all pronouns. In addition to that, try to find the right pronoun(s) just by looking at the conjugated form. For example, if you see bailamos (we dance), you should identify the present tense ending -AMOS and know that it belongs to the pronoun nosotros and nosotras. This is particularly useful since you will find many instances in which the pronoun is omitted.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s lesson on how to conjugate present tense Spanish verbs ending in – AR. You can also try using the Verbarrator Software to help you with conjugating Spanish verbs. Many of my private students have indicated to me that the interactivity of the Verbarrator more than using the standard Spanish verbs resource book: 501 Spanish Verbs.

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Some Valentines Day Present Ideas to Consider

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Valentines Day means time to think about Valentines Day presents, and it is not just the thought that counts unfortunately. Give something that’s taken as unromantic, and your lady friend may be upset, and it is worse for adult males as they are so hard to buy anything for! The following are some suggestions for Valentine’s Day presents positive to please.

Flowers are the classic. If you are considering long stems roses or something more imaginative, flowers are great items. Women love them, and adult men, if they ever get them, are generally bowled away as they possibly never have received them before. I was so amazed when a woman purchased me flowers, it made a lasting impression I remember 20 years later!

Travel is also a great present. What is more romantic than spending time together? Regardless of whether it is a surprise weekend off alone somewhere fun or perhaps a trip that demands more planning like a cruise or a trip overseas, travel is an excellent present.

Food can also be high up on the list. My favorites are chocolates, other sweets, and fruits. This is certainly one of my favorite gifts to give to make a lasting impression.

Gift certificates or cards also perform well, specially if to a favorite restaurant or store. If to a restaurant plan to be invited!

Intimate wear and toys can also be wonderful presents for the correct man or women. You want to make sure to surprise and not overshock! Ladies can get themselves intimate wear and present themselves dressed inside the present as well.

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Valentines Day Presents – Special Gifts For Your Beloved Partner

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People all over the world busy preparing to celebrate Valentines Day in its utmost glory and are leaving no stone unturned in making sure they have it all planned out for the D-Day. However, something that most people often miss out on is the gift that they buy for their beloved. While looking for a gift for your loved one, make sure you get them something that they would love to have and not something that you enjoy presenting them with. Valentines Day gifts are a token of the love and the bond if trust that two people share and the gifts given on such an occasion, whether expensive or not, should have a meaning associated with them.

So think about what your partner would love to have or would love to do on this wonderful occasion. Would they like the idea of spending some passionate moments alone with you on a romantic night out planned out by you especially for them? Or would they rather enjoy a traditional food hamper or a personalised Valentines Gift? Get your girlfriend or wife a diamond gift on this special occasion or name a star or rose after her. She will be amazed at the lengths you can go to make her happy.

Surprise your boyfriend with gift vouchers for a romantic dinner or plan a weekend getaway in some of the most luxurious hotels. Spend some lovely moments being together with each other and take home with you the memories of this beautiful time spent together. Let your beloved enjoy taking on the name of a Scottish Lady or become a Laird or surprise him or her by taking them on a Steam Train journey. Then again, there are some thrilling adventurous experiences that you can surprise your Valentine with like a Lamborghini driving thrill, Harness Sphereing etc. Let your beloved enjoy some magic moments at a Horse derby or delight them with wonderful gift vouchers for spending a refreshing day at the spa, the choice is yours.

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How to Make Presentation Folders Work For You

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Presentation folders do more than just hold loose paper. It has developed into an essential accessory to all other documents. There is no limit to the various designs that can be placed on the folder. Presentation folders can be as creative as you want them to be. After all, they represent you and your company. Every industry can use presentation folders as promotional material. Everyone has something to sell to the public. Folders help you market your services.

Characteristics to consider when designing your folder:

1. The standard size of a presentation folder is 9×12. Decide if that’s what you want, or if a smaller or larger folder would suit your needs better. Flaps come in various sizes and shapes as well. They can also include features such as slits for business cards or CDs depending on your needs. Business cards is a great idea for getting your name attached to the company, with instant contact name and information for your client when they open the folder.

2. What kind of image are you trying to get across? Most folders should include the company name and logo, but many include images as well as quotes or mottos for the company. Decide what colors should be on the folder. What will catch your audience’s attention? Bright vibrant colors or earthy tones? The creativity can be endless.

3. What material will be included in the folder and what will it look like? To look more professional, a coordinated folder with coordinated material inside shows more organization and style. Keep it looking like one kit that goes together.

Presentation folders are made with a heavier stock paper that makes them last longer and keep your documents safer. They are unlike the folders in the office supply stores that are made of flimsy paper material.

The better your presentation folder looks, the better your presentation will be. You will catch your clients’ eye immediately and the contents inside the folder will keep them hooked.

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Birthday Presents for Dad – Time for Something New?

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While you’re thinking about this year’s birthday presents for dad why not get him something new and different? Birthdays come and go every year and they remind us of another year passing and often of things we’ve always wanted or meant to do. No other time, other than New Years, makes us reflect on the activities we’ve wanted to try, hobbies we’ve wanted to start, weight we want to lose, health issues we need to address.

Why not take advantage of this while looking for birthday gift ideas for dad this year. You don’t need to approach it as “you’re getting old dad, its time you paid some attention to your health” or “isn’t it time to lose some weight?” These may be concerns you have about someone you love but there are more tactful ways to do it! Instead, take a look at some great birthday presents for men that will make achieving those goals more fun.

If dad never seems to have time to get to the gym and keeps complaining about being out of shape, how about some home exercise equipment? Big ticket items like a treadmill or universal gym could be a family present, but if you think that might be too intimidating or not in your own budget look at some other options. You could get him a set of hand weights or step box and a DVD exercise program geared towards using them. Make it a manly one, no ladies in leotards! If he likes to walk, a pedometer would make a great gift. With a gadget to keep track of steps, those steps turn into miles while he watches them rack up!

If dietary restrictions are becoming a part of your dad’s life get him some treats he can really enjoy. Often when we’re faced with giving up a certain type of food or a favorite food we can feel pretty deprived. Instead of looking at all the other things we can have, we tend to look at the things we no longer can have. If this is your dad’s situation, how about a gift basket of goodies that are on his “do eat” list? Gift baskets aren’t limited to cheese and crackers or fruit anymore. There are baskets filled with every type of food and dietary specialty you can think of; low fat, low sodium, low carb, low sugar, vegan, gluten free, heart healthy, organic, kosher. Receiving treats that are on his diet will be a big boost to dad’s resolve and make him smile.

Trying something new in birthday presents for him doesn’t have to be limited to health issues. Is there a hobby dad has always mentioned wanting to try? A sport he’s always wanted to get involved in? A place he’s always wanted to go? Maybe you can’t afford the plane tickets, but a book is probably within your budget.

Shopping for birthday presents for dad doesn’t have to be the same thing year after year. This year get him something different whether related to his health or a new hobby or that trip he’s always wanted. It’ll show him how much you’ve been paying attention!

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