Ideas For Fathers Day Presents

If you’re like many people, the thought of buying your Dad a gift for Father’s Day is a bit overwhelming. There are many different kinds of dads. There is the dad who has everything already, what do you get for someone like that? Then there’s the dad who says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day and doesn’t give you any hints about what to buy. In both cases, a personalized, one of a kind photo collage jigsaw puzzle would fit the bill. The reason these gifts are so popular is that they are sentimental, can be displayed and are different from the normal Father’s Day presents usually given.

To start, look through old photos of your dad, and you with your dad when you were growing up. You may even want to include some family photos if you have siblings and a mother in the picture as well. Whatever you think your dad would like the most in his collage. The average photo collage puzzle works best with between 10 and 20 photos but this can vary depending on the size of puzzle you choose and any other options you request. It is recommended you send copies of the photos rather than the originals. Better still, email digital scans of the photos if you have these.

The photo collage puzzle designer will make a collage using the photos you sent. The finished design will then be emailed to you for approval after which it is made into a puzzle and shipped to you in a box. It will be a traditional jigsaw puzzle, containing however many pieces you specified when you placed your order. A word to the wise – unless your Dad is a puzzle expert steer clear from the 1500-pc puzzles as they are the most difficult. Your father doesn’t get to see the finished project until the puzzle is put together, making it much like two gifts in one.

In addition to a customized gift like a photo jigsaw puzzle, other Father’s Day presents could include a gift card to his favorite store, a trip to his favorite restaurant or even tickets to his favorite sporting event. If you want to stay traditional and present your Dad with something useful along with his collage jigsaw puzzle, you can’t go wrong with a sweater, tie or bottle of his favorite aftershave. While these Fathers Day presents may seem cliché they are popular for a reason, because these are things many dads actually use.

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