Present Ideas for Infants

The the big question for people who are going to a friend’s baby shower is, “What the heck do I buy for an infant?” Perhaps you want to find them something fun or maybe educational. Whatever the path, this article will give you some great insight on presents.

When choosing gifts for infants it is necessary to keep in mind of where that little one is in relation to their growth. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch is all brand new to them. It is these senses that are everything to that newborn child and their toys need to interact with these them appropriately.

The first of the senses is hearing. While it might be cool to us, getting them a stuffed animal with a per-recorded message of a Megadeath song may be a tad much on their little ears. It’s all new and so loud for them. There are recommendations of soft melodic tunes or recordings of calm voices talking to the baby. Whatever you decide, keep in mind their ears are sensitive and the baby needs to be comforted right now, not a party!

In the same way, their eyes are new. They just opened them for the first time recently and the shapes are forming and colors are showing up but the contrast is still difficult. In the case of the newborn, get them toys with sharply contrasting colors like black and white. They still have a hard time differentiating some of the colors. It would make it less fun for their new eyes when it just looks like a blur of color. Try a Zebra of sharp black and white photos.

Smell and taste are tough ones. They can smell and taste, as it represented in them experiencing everything by putting it in their mouths. I don’t know of any toys that are specific for taste and smell for the infant. Perhaps there are some specialty products but I am unaware of them. And of course, look for stuffed animals that do not have googly eyes that can come off or get dolls without buttons.

Lastly, touch is again a new experience. Do not get products with pointed anything. Those little hands are precious. Look for rattles that are completely smooth. Some cheaper manufacturers have plastic that was not smoothed out as well so there are little nicks that could scrape the baby’s skin. Nothing that will seriously hurt the kid but why risk another cry session from a bit of new pain?

Good luck finding the right toy and always look at the manufacturers suggestion of age requirements.

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