The Idea Of Giving Presents And Its Evolution

The tradition of gift giving may be traced back to the ancient times. Today, there is no disputing that big businesses immensely profit from it especially during the long holiday season and Valentine’s Day and where giving gifts is at its peak. It is also the season where employers and almost everyone else is extra generous and tolerant and expectant to receive gifts.

All year-round, we are surrounded by special events such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings, job promotions, retirements, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving and the 365 days of the calendar year for gift giving as it does not choose an occasion or a reason. The origin of gift giving depends on every country, religion, ethnicity and personal belief. However, today it is largely becoming an influence or pressure especially from the media, in behalf of the general public.

How did gift giving start and who started it? How did such occasions found their way to human activities? The culture or tradition of gift giving during Christmas was heralded during the birth of our Savior Jesus and majority of the people are inspired by it thus it gave birth to the idea of giving presents during Christmas. Giving presents is a voluntary choice however it has been deeply imbibed into our culture thus a vast majority have accepted and cherished it as an expression of kindness and of sharing blessings. The Christian world on the other hand, has justified such practice biblically when the three kings presented Jesus with gifts.

Giving gifts during Valentine’s Day on the other hand started in as simple as the offering or singing of a love song by a boy to a girl, Valentine greetings and verses. As it evolved, commercially manufactured valentine cards became popular and handmade were replaced by more well-crafted and refined machine-made cards with the discovery of paper. Handmade cards thus became rare and more expensive. It was not until the 19th century that valentine greeting cards gave birth to what is known today as Hallmark, the leader in greeting cards. Hallmark produces cards for various occasions with varying themes from romantic to humorous and even showcases some antique valentine cards in its stores.

Baptism and wedding gifts on the other hand are given to welcome infants and newly-weds into another chapter of their lives: the baby being borne into a whole new world filled with discovery, the newly-weds who will be embarking a journey to married life.
Giving presents have come face to face with commercialism and the new message is to buy, buoyed by merchants who benefit especially during the month-long Christmas shopping binge and fueled by the media.

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